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Last year i’d missed out on a lot of flower bulbs. Bulbs used to be easily and cheaply available till a few years ago,online as well as in local shops. My favorite places/brands to shop were Omaxe bulbs, Garden Glory & a local seed store in Ludhiana – HARA SEEDS. Then the packets started vanishing and variety reducing each year God-knows-why. I’ve heard it is a customs duty issue. Anyway, so this season, I decided to stock up in time if I do not want to buy atrociously priced plants later on. Two season ago, i’d shopped from KRAFT SEEDS from Amazon and really liked the quality, hence i decided to go for them this year again. Also, every year i promise myself to save the bulbs, which i never do 😛 

I ordered the bulbs on Aug 26, 2018 and received them in two parts – Aug 28 & Aug 30. That is quick!! I do not know why two shipments though since all the products came from the same seller, but i think Amazon categorizes things like that to levy shipping on some. You can also order from their WEBSITE.

How much did i pay for the bulbs?

I am linking all of them here, for reference but to summarize:

FREESIA – Rs.499 for 18

DAFFODIL – Rs. 219 for 12

IXIA – Rs.275 for 6

TUBEROSE – Rs.154 for 15 + organic enzyme 250 gm + coco-peat 100 gm

GLADIOLUS – Rs.135 for 10

TRITONIA – Rs.208 for 8

All the flowers bulbs are mixed colors, which i really like!

*Different quantities of same flower bulbs are priced differently and you may want to calculate cost per bulb before ordering. 

Moving on to the parcel..

This is what the first box looked like.

amazon india shopping experience

The packaging looks fine but i really do not like all this plastic waste, however essential it may be. On opening the main box, there were 3 more individual boxes and the invoice.

amazon shopping experience

kraft bulbs amazon india KRAFT SEEDS BULBS SHOPPING REVIEW

kraft seeds bulbs review

One of them was squished to fit inside but done carefully. Nothing was damaged.

kraft seeds review

Contents of the first box- Gladiolus bulbs. They looked perfectly succulent and some were sprouting already. Totally satisfactory. Also, the count was perfect – 10 bulbs.

buy gladiolus bulbs online india

Next up, this combo of tuberose bulbs, a coco-peat disc & an organic enzyme. I chose this one since the bulbs worked out cheaper and i wanted to see try the organic enzyme. The package mentioned 15 bulbs but there seemed to be some extra ones, which is very nice.

kraft seeds tuberose bulbs onlinekraft seeds shopping review

The squished box contained these small Ixia bulbs. This had 2 extra bulbs too. I like the thoughtfulness of throwing in a few extra bulbs, just in case some don’t come up.

buy flower bulbs online india

Second shipment came in a single box, with all these mesh bags. Packaging bulbs in mesh bags is a good idea to prevent rot. The freesia was extra too. 20 instead of 18. What’s not to like?

amazon shopping experience

All the bulbs received are healthy, succulent & look ready to sprout.

buy flower bulbs amazon india

buy flower bulbs online amazon india

Now, the weird part is that I ordered a pack of 6 freesia bulbs for my mom and they came packaged in bubble wrap! I guess it depends on the mood of the packing person or the qty. of bulbs ordered! Either way, the bulbs are healthy too and 1 extra too.

freesia bulbs online amazon

freesia bulbs kraft seeds

When i had ordered from Kraft Seeds, two years ago, the bulbs came in pre-packaged in plastic packs with all the fancy labels. I was very confused at first, but crossed checked that it is the same seller I had ordered from. I like the new packing style more though.

buy kraft bulbs online KRAFT BULBS OLD PACKAGING

kraft bulbs old packaging

I’d planted some Gladiolus bulbs, the same day that I had received them. They are now happily sprouting and so am I (happy I mean, not sprouting 😛 )

gladiolus sprouting

That all for now buddies! Have you started planting bulbs? Do let me know in the comments!

Till then,



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