It’s official!! I’m addicted.. i just can’t get enough of geraniums!! The episode when i lost my geraniums last year, when i went to Delhi has affected my heart and brain so badly that this year its revenge time for me.. i have been hogging them like they are going to vanish anytime soon and after i bought 12 more plants today(err.. yes..12.. it’s just 12 innit?) the total count comes to hmmmm lemme count 12+2 in tub+ 2 in pots+ 2 near the gate+ 1 in basket + 2 from flower show + 1 from seed ( 2 seedlings died 🙁  + 1 from technocare(i found an orange one!)= 23..ahem.. i think the round figure should be 25 isn’t it?anyway i do think that by now i have all the colors and shapes possibly available locally and should be enough to keep me sane for the season.. and oh i have a plan.. to save my heart from breaking in the peak season of june-july i will make cuttings from all my geraniums and keep safe in the greenhouse. by the time the peak hot season gets over and if i have any causalities in my geraniums, i will have rooted replacements ready!! yeaaaaaaaaaaa…:)

And as if that’s not enough i have geranium oil burning in my diffuser right now because i can’t go out at night to sniff(no worries.. i assure u i am a homo sapiens species only) the scented leaves.. hopeless, i know 🙂
 I also got 2 more cyclamens which i simply adore!! 3 go into the living area looking like this..
i’d got this wall piece made-to-order long ago and got these cane baskets, snipped off the handles to make a planter.. now all i need to do is line the bottom and add some gravel+water to increase some humidity around the cyclamens..The other one will go to my room but it’s fancy-planter-less yet! oh but the flower is fancy enough for sure!!
have a look..

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I found these two roses today that were snuggly and cozy among the leaves, shy to come out.. but i caught them anyway!! aren’t they adorable?
And i still need to plant the nemesias i bought from Hara nursery just on an impulse.. i have the nemesias from seed already but when i saw them i just could not resist.. And oh i have 2 primulas and calceolarias to plant too.. i bought these from Raj nursery because mine got all destroyed in the first rain( the seedlings that is..) And today i noticed one of the primulas is about to bloom in pink.. i moved the trailing geraniums immediately into a make-shift tub because they were bare rooted.. here’s my
un-trans-planted bounty and some other blooms..




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