Growing flowers in yogurt cups & plastic bottles – Upcycling by Arpit Dhupar

In his own words…

It all began with a trip to hills with my family in 2007, while making a stop at a tea stall I saw a chilli plant which was loaded, I was only 12 or so at that time. The same year during the Trade fair i visited the agriculture emporium and found national seeds corporation counter selling vegetable seeds and urged my parents to buy those. My grandfather planted the seeds and after 5-6 months the first ever chilli crop was ready.

And then it just doesn’t seems stopping! Slowly I started doing the chores myself and learnt by hit and trial

First, let’s get introduced. This is Arpit Dhupar. A passionate gardener among other things, as is evident from his picture!
Arpit Dhupar
Up next, is his favorite plant at his home.. Oxycardium. He told me he cleans it with a microfiber cloth every week. I can’t decide what/who is luckier – the plant or the gardener. Decide for yourself.
grow big oxycardium large oxycardium india
And now, the pics you are here for. He has recycled or as they say, up-cycled empty yogurt cups into beautiful containers for pretty flowers. There are also some tomatoes as well as roses grown in plastic soda bottles.
Being a gardener also makes you an artist!!
Enjoy the pics..

flowers yogurt cups iceplant flowers yogurt cups plastic growing roses plastic soda bottle growing tomato yogurt cup portulaca yogurt upcycling yogurt cups plants
If you wish to be featured too, please leave a comment below. I will get in touch.
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2 thoughts on “Growing flowers in yogurt cups & plastic bottles – Upcycling by Arpit Dhupar

  • August 29, 2018 at 5:17 AM

    So what is the basic soil mixture proportions???

  • August 29, 2018 at 9:02 AM

    Hello. To grow flowers in yogurt cups or bottles, i would suggest a soil mix of 50% black garden soil(not yellow clayey), 30% compost and 20% cocopeat for summers otherwise the plants may dry out. For winters, add some sand and ensure a drainage hole to prevent rot. Hope this helps!

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