Growing Succulents Indoors in Teacup Planters

I have a weird relationship with my succulent plants. I buy them with excitement but once they are home, I usually just put them in a corner to do their thing. I mean, they rarely (if) flower and grow slowly. They don’t need much water or attention. Hence, I was always only mildly attracted towards them.  Recently, I decided to tackle the entire messy row of succulent pots along the railing and am I glad!! It’s almost like falling in love with your spouse all over again.. lol 😛 So many hidden gems, multiplied varieties over years and what-not! So while I am in my crazy for succulents phase again and giving them more love, I also decided to bring some of them indoors.

Terrariums and indoor succulent gardens are trending and I certainly do not want to be left behind. So here it is, my newest creation – a mini succulent garden in a teacup.

teacup planter

Assembling this was very easy. I randomly picked up some haworthias, jade, string of bananas and then decided what to do with them. A few pebbles add some glamour and function a.k.a. drainage.

First, how pretty is this Cup Saucer Planter. I picked up both of these separately and they happened to make a good match. Saucer – Jagat singh & sons, Elante Mall. Cup – Homecentre by Lifestyle, VR Punjab Mall.

teacup planter indoors

Next, some gravel at the bottom. I wanted to drill a hole in the cup which I tried and failed at, hence I went with the tried & tested method – pebbles for drainage. I ran out of white gravel hence the colored pebbles. You may skip the fancy stuff.

gravel drainage without hole

pebbles drainage pots

Please keep in mind that succulents do not need a lot of water and hence only a medium layer is good enough. Also, they are kept indoors hence I am misting them instead of watering.

After that, I just put in some soil and composed the layout.  Soil with a bit of gravel is good for succulents.

soil succulents indoors

I trimmed the longer roots from the bigger ones for easier arrangement.

growing haworthis indoors

I also felt the need to add some glam with these glass pebbles. The green ones didn’t make much of an impact so I replaced them with blue later.

BONUS TIP: It is better to mist the soil before adding small accessories so that they stay firm in place.

haworthias indoors

Next up, string of bananas & jade. We are almost done!

growing succulents teacup

grow succulents indoors

A finishing touch with some more misting and it’s done. I’ve kept in the drawing room where it gets moderate light but to maintain the growth of succulents indoors, it will have to be given some good daylight every 10 days.

growing succulents indoors


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