Make an Indoor Herb Garden in Tea cups

You are not a true gardener if you haven’t attempted to grow plants in every container you can find around the house.. And then you achieve the mad-gardener status after you start buying “things” from the crockery section only to plant in them! You may also purposefully “retire” old containers to be used as planters. Yes, fancy teacups & deep platters not for a high-tea but for an indoor herb garden! And now you know, what level I am at currently 😛

So, while browsing my favorite home store (Homecentre by Lifestyle), I spotted these ceramic tea cups for Rs. 49 each. Perfect for growing herbs indoors and matching our drawing room, I thought!

use tea cups plants


Since the cups were plain, I decided to add some glamour with my stash of VERY old glass paints (that still surprisingly were liquid). Also, I do not know how to drill holes in ceramic, yet, so the good old trick of using gravel works well.

And here’s presenting to you, an indoor herb garden grown in teacups and proudly displayed in our drawing room! (Because where else, do you hold high-tea

indoor herb garden tea cups tulsi mint stevia

All the supplies i required were some glass colors ( that date wayyy back to 2004.. kudos CAMEL) & a thin paintbrush to label the cups. And obviously, some newspapers to line my work surface because this can get a bit messy!

old glass colors camel

very old glass color

This is so easy that i don’t even know if it needs to be told in steps. So i began by cleaning the cups & taking one contrasting color to pour around the rim. Like this..

*this is borderline addictive, once you see how the paint slowwwwwwly slides down

decorate plain tea cups garden

If i found that i need an extra line somewhere, i just placed a drop of color at that spot. The exciting part is that you never now what the final result will be! Also, thicker paint works better since it glides down slowly giving you better control & results.

*Some colors are naturally thicker than the others and this also depends on how old they are.

decorate plain tea cups

To add a bit of interest, i did the same, but upside down with the blue cup.

paint tea cups

The first attempt turned out like this. Too much color gliding all the way down. Not desirable so to start over, i just scratched off the dried paint. It is super easy and leaves no stains.

decorate tea cups garden

clean color tea cups

And after a few attempts..

paint tea cups indoor plants

Since i wanted to plant herbs in these tea cups, i thought it would be good to label them.. for all the curious questions from guests.. Hence, a thin paintbrush dipped in some paint did the job well. You could use a stencil and double-coat if you are very artsy but i’m just a *humble* gardener..

label tea cups herb garden

label indoor herb garden

write plant name tea cup

tea cups for growing herbs

Time to plant. I chose Tulsi (Holy Basil), Mint & Stevia because those are the herbs that can grow by a window-sill and also in a smaller container. Take your pick accordingly.

Since there is no drainage hole in these cups and i can control the watering indoors, i only layered some gravel at the bottom to keep the soil dry.

plant without drainage hole

plant tulsi indoors

The final look.. They appear a bit lanky, being freshly planted but will perk up soon!

grow tulsi mint stevia indoors

That’s it for today folks!!

Does your garden also bring out the artist in you? Do tell me!



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