Growing Aloe Vera Indoors – Mason Jar for Plants

I have a new obsession – collecting mason jars or jam jars, as we Indians call them. Most people recycle glass jars & bottles in the kitchen, I use them in the garden- to grow plants (not surprisingly).  When I’d made the indoor teacup herb garden, I’d also panted a mason jar in the same way. Wanting to keep it indoors and low-maintenance, an Aloe Vera plant became the most obvious choice. The benefits of keeping Aloe Vera indoors are well-known: grows well, needs very less watering, makes no mess and also purifies air- what’s not to love?

Hence, presenting my Aloe Vera plant growing indoors, in a mason jar 🙂

First, I painted a glass jar in the same manner that i painted these tea cups for herbs.

grow plants mason jars indoors

Filled it with some glass pebbles for drainage and tried to take artistic shots..

mason jar uses grow plantsuse mason jar garden plants

I used these pebbles from Homecentre by Lifestyle. Buy on sale only!

yellow glass pebbles

Took a small Aloe Vera plant from the garden. Don’t choose a very big one. It needs space to grow even if slowly.

plant aloe vera indoors

I thought it would be a good idea to trim some long roots. It was! Helps place the plant better in the jar.

aloe vera purify indoor air

Filled some soil and placed the plant.

mason jar garden crafts

aloe vera survive indoors

Filled with more soil and watered.

Do not water Aloe Vera or any other succulent too much. I water only once a week and mist occasionally.

does aloe vera grow indoors

And some more artistic shots.. It’s so easy it doesn’t even count as a tutorial!

As I’m typing this, the small middle shoot has grown a few inches taller and the plant is doing very well indoors, in our bedroom.

grow aloe vera indoors    use mason jar grow plants



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